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MissHoopsALot makes high quality handmade hoops for fitness and fun! We make custom hoops for kids, adults, fitness junkies, performers, dancers, and hobby hoopers alike. We've supplied hoops for children's birthday parties, fitness classes, weddings, target practice, decor, to rhythmic gymnasts, Vegas showgirls, and companies such as The Museum of Ice Cream, Free People, and Aerie! 

Why MissHoopsALot?

  • We've been making hoops exclusively for over 9 years and have made over 21,000 hoops- wow! With thousands of hours dedicated to perfecting our craft, we're well known for providing superior hoops. Our brand is recognized as one of the best and is highly recommended by performers and hobby hoopers everywhere!

  • Our selection is unbeatable! We carry over 400 colored tubing and size options and over 200 taped hoop options- more than any other shop in the world! With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find something you love.

  • We carry only the best tubing and tapes on the market and our work speaks for itself- and, we are the home of the original #ConnectionPerfection!


  • What is #ConnectionPerfection? We specialize in flush, tight fitting,  'perfect' connections! The connection point on your hoop is very important- a #ConnectionPerfection connection won't pinch your skin or pull your hair while you're hooping, and it ensures your hoop will maintain it's round shape with time and proper use. If your connection isn't perfect, we'll fix it for you- even if you didn't buy it from us!


  • We repair hoops- that's right! We repair hoops! Have a broken hoop? A wonky connection? Send us a message with what you need help with and we'll see what we can for you!

"Gosh, your hoops are kind of pricey- what makes them better than the $5 hoop I can get at Walmart?"

Great question! Our hoops are more expensive than the hoops you'll find at the big box stores, and here's why (and why they're worth it):

  • Our hoops are made with high quality materials- big box store hoops are made with thin, flimsy tubing that isn't designed to hold up over time- and some of their materials are even square and teardrop shaped (weird, right?)!

  • Our hoops are built to last- all our hoops are uniquely designed to last longer than big box store hoops.

  • Our hoops are custom designed for you- one size DOESN'T fit all. Big box store hoops only come in a handful of sizes, and most aren't the right size or are too lightweight! We're happy to discuss your hoop goals and get you fitted with a hoop that is the perfect size and weight for you!

  • To reiterate, our hoops are custom designed for you- want a blue hoop? A pink unicorn hoop? A green rainbow hoop? A glitter hoop? A tie-dye color explosion hoop? We can make that happen! With the largest selection of tapes and colored tubing that you'll find absolutely anywhere, if you can dream it, we can craft it for you!

  • Our hoops are hand made and hand taped- every hoop we make is painstakingly crafted right down to the hardware we install. We lay every inch of deco tape, every line of grip tape, and drill every piece of hardware with design and functionality in mind. That takes a lot of work!

  • We offer unbeatable customer service- ever tried emailing a big box store only to get an automated or canned response? We'll personally reply to any inquiry you have with the specific information you need to get you back to hooping asap!

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