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Build your own custom beginner hoop made with PE (polyethylene) tubing- choose your tubing size, hoop diameter, deco tape, and 1" grip tape!

PE tubing (polyethylene) is the ideal choice for beginner hoopers- the sizes we carry are listed below:


  • 1/2" 125 PSI PE tubing is commonly used to create beginner and dance hoops as it's sturdy, semi-lightweight (weighing in at around 10-15oz for an average sized hoop), and highly durable- perfect for hoopers who want to begin their hoop journey with a hoop that will allow them to easily transition to a lighter weight tubing (HDPE or Polypro) as they progress! (This tubing is comparable in size to 3/4" Polypro/HDPE tubing.)


  • 3/4" 160 PSI PE tubing is commonly used to create beginner and fitness hoops as the tubing is thick and sturdy, weighing in around 1lb for an average sized hula hoop. This hoop is great for those interested in fitness, weight loss, and muscle toning! (This tubing actually measures 1" in outer diameter)


Curious as to what type of tubing hoops are made from/ which tubing is best for you? Check out our Hoop 101 section here.

Hoop includes:



  •  One push button connection, allowing the hoop to collapse for easy travel and transport!
  •  Flush connection; no pinching gaps! #ConnectionPerfection
  •  Your choice of 1/2" 125PSI PE Tubing or 3/4" 160PSI PE Tubing
  • Diameter: custom! All hoops are measured by outer diameter
  • Spiraled deco tape and 1" gaffer/grip tape- grip tape allows you to gain a better hold on your hoop and helps to keep it on your body while learning the basics of hooping- tape that is pretty AND functional! You choose the deco tape and the grip tape c