Infused with holographic micro-glitter, this innovative Stardust glitter hoop tubing is wildly different than anything you've used before! Made with a special type of polypro material, this tubing feels rubbery and grippy, bouncy, and reactive- yet sturdy and durable like the traditional polypro tubing you're used to! This semi- translucent pastel green hoop shimmers in all lighting thanks to the holographic glitter particles extruded in the tubing!

Hoop includes:


  • One push button connection, allowing the hoop to collapse for easy travel and transport!
  • Flush connection; no pinching gaps! #ConnectionPerfection
  • Polycarbonate connector
  • 3/4" or 5/8" OD polypro tubing size
  • Diameter: custom! All hoops are measured via outer diameter (OD).
  • Free sanding!
  • All packages include complementary insurance in the event of loss or damage during shipping!


What size is a good size for me?


Polypro is lighter in volume than other types of tubing, making it responsive and springy, and it's lightning quick response time makes it great for both practicing and performing! Polypro is ideal for intermediate and advanced hoopers and performers.​