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This Obsidian polypro hoop is the blackest black- no sparkle or shimmer!


Hoop includes:


  •  One push button connection, allowing the hoop to collapse for easy travel and transport!
  •  Flush connection; no pinching gaps! #ConnectionPerfection
  •  Polycarbonate connector
  •  1/2" OD Polypro Tubing Size
  •  Diameter: custom! All hoops are measured via outer diameter (OD).
  •  Free sanding!
  •  All packages include complementary insurance in the event of loss or damage during shipping!



What size is a good size for me? 


1/2" Polypro is very thin, lightweight, and springy, which makes it ideal for trick, "off body" and mini hooping, as well as juggling:


  • Sizing for 1/2" trick hoops vary based on personal preference/ability. Larger sizes may hinder the users ability to learn certain "off-body" moves and tricks. The most common sizes range from 24"-30".


  • Mini hoops should be small and lightweight. 5/8" Polypro and HDPE tubing, and 1/2" Polypro tubing are ideal for mini hooping. Sizing for mini hoops are solely based on personal preference and ability. Certain mini hoop "tricks" require very small hoops, while others can be learned with "large" mini's. The most common sizes range from 18"-24".

1/2" Obsidian Polypro Hoop

  • 1/2" Polypro is very thin, lightweight and springy-great for advanced hoopers! Because 1/2" Polypro is so thin it is *not* recommended for beginners. Hoop sizes bigger than 30" OD are not reccomended as the hoop will become "wonky" and won't maintain it's circular shape.


    An average size bare 1/2" polypro hoop weighs approximately 3-5oz.

  • Polypro tubing (polypropylene) is naturally translucent and clear in color. It can be manufactured in many different sizes, as well as hundreds of different colors! It's lighter in volume than other types of tubing, making it responsive and springy, and it's lightning quick response time makes it great for both practicing and performing! Polypro is ideal for intermediate and advanced hoopers and performers.​


    Polypro is durable, but prone to cracking/shattering in temperatures below 50° F. It should be handled carefully when coiling down or performing moves that exert a lot of force when cold.

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