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Boxes of random scrap tubing for new props, arts and crafts, etc!

Tubing in these boxes typically range from 6"-12" in length. Boxes contain 50+ scraps.

Tubing in these boxes has come from a variety of sources- ends of coils, excess scrap, and old, broken hoops. Tubing in these boxes may have dings, dents, kinks, scrapes, and cracks. We do not guarantee the condition of any tubing, and we do not accept returns or offer replacements due to the condition of the tubing.

The price of these boxes covers the cost of shipping only.


Scrap Tubing Box orders must be placed separately from other items. Discount codes are not applicable on Scrap Tubing Boxes. Orders for Scrap Tubing Boxes alongside other items that are not Scrap Tubing Boxes AND/OR submitted with a discount code will be cancelled.


Choose your Scrap Box-

3/4" polypro scraps
11/16" polypro scraps
5/8" polypro scraps

3/4" HDPE scraps

5/8" HDPE scraps

Polypro MIX- contains an assortment of polypro scraps in various sizes.
HDPE MIX- contains an assortment of HDPE scraps in various sizes.

All MIX- contains an assortment of both polypro and HDPE scraps in various sizes.

Scrap Tubing Box

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