Reflective taped hoops dazzle when light hits them directly! Use your cameras flash or download a flashlight app on your mobile/ electronic device and shine it on your hoop while video recording to make your hoop-dancing glow! Color shifting reflective hoops boast a layer of gorgeous transparent color shifting tape on top of the relfective tape, making your hoop a stunning day hoop as well as a bright reflective hoop!


Please note, reflective and decorative hoop tapes ("deco tape") are prone to scuffing and scraping! Clear protection tape is included on this hoop and will help prolong the life of your gorgeous tape!


Hoop includes:


♥ One push button connection, allowing the hoop to collapse for easy travel and transport! 
♥ Flush connection; no pinching gaps!
♥ Full tape wrap (entire hoop is covered)
♥ 3/4", 11/16", or 5/8" OD Polypro, or 3/4" or 5/8" OD HDPE tubing (1/2" polypro tubing available upon request- please contact us for a custom listing!)
♥ Diameter: custom! 

♥ Clear Protection tape included!

♥ Your choice of Solid Colored 3M Reflective Tape or Daybright (Triangle Patterened) Reflective Tape. Daybright tape reflects more brightly than the Solid Colored 3M Reflective Tape but the triangle pattern will show through the color morph tape.

Want to add gaff/grip tape to the inside of your hoop? Check out the options here!:


Rainbow Quartz Reflective Taped Performance Hoop

Hoop Size (OD)
Tubing Size
Reflective Tape


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