Hoop Coil Extender- coil your hoop with ease! This detachable piece of hoop tubing is designed to allow you to securely coil your hoop down without straps, ties, or tape! Custom made to fit your hoop measuring  26" and up (hoops measuring 25" and under are not eligible for a coil extender add-on)!

The size of your extension piece will vary based upon the size of your hoop; It will be custom made to fit your hoop to allow it to coil down to approximately 20"-23"!

Benefits of a coil extender:

♥No wonky hoops from being coiled down to too-small sizes!
♥No worrying about slippery velcro straps coming undone!
♥No sticky tape residue to remove from your hoop!
♥Reusable, unlike zip ties! 

♥No tools required!

Have it made with natural Polypro or HDPE (to match the material of your hoop), or opt to match the material AND the color/tape of your hoop:

♥If you purchase a colored hoop, choose 'Colored tubing to match' and extender will be made to match the color tubing of your hoop (as shown in pictures).
♥If you purchase a taped hoop, choose  'Taped to match' and extender will be made to match the tape of your hoop.
♥If you purchase a Unicorn taped hoop, choose 'Unicorn Taped to match' and extender will be made to match your unicorn taped hoop.
♥If you purchase a Reflective taped hoop, choose 'Reflective taped to match' and extender will be made to match you reflective taped hoop.

Connects to/disconnects from your hoop with a standard push button connection! One end of the extender is fitted *for a push button connector, while the other end is fitted *with a push button connector!

To attach:

Disconnect the two ends of the hoop. Fit one end of the extender to the hoop, gently coil the hoop down, and fit the opposite end of the extender to the opposite end of your hoop! 

To detach:

Disconnect one of the push button connections, gently allow the hoop to uncoil, disconnect the other end of the extender from the hoop, and reconnect the two ends of the hoop together! Easy peasy! 

Coil extender must be purchased with a hoop; Coil extenders cannot be fitted to previously purchased hoops. If you desire a coil extender for your existing hoop, please contact the shop to arrange to have the hoop shipped to the shop to be fitted. Orders placed for an extender without the purchase of a hoop will be refunded and cancelled without notice.

Coiling your hoop too quickly or when it's too cold can cause kinks or breaks in the tubing. The shop is not responsible for kinks or breaks to the hoop or the extender that occur while coiling the hoop. Easy does it! 

Do not attempt the pull the hoop apart (infinity/figure 8 style) while the coil extender is connected. This will warp, kink, or break the hoop and/or the extender. Fully disconnect one end of the extender before attempting to uncoil your hoop.

ADD-ON: Hoop Coil Extender

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