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Custom 6 piece sectionals-


2x 5/8" 33" 6 Piece Scarab Color Shifting polypro 

5/8" 33" 6 Piece Peridot Green polypro

5/8" 36" 6 Piece Medusa polypro


Hoops include:


  • 6 push button connections each, allowing the hoop to break apart into six pieces for easy travel and transport!
  • Flush connections; no pinching gaps!
  • Free sanding!
  • All packages include complementary insurance in the event of loss or damage during shipping!

Please note: While your sectional hoop pieces may be interchangeable, it is recommended you connect the individual pieces of the hoop together in their original order to ensure the most flush and beautiful connections possible. Each piece is customized and hand crafted to fit flush with its partner piece; therefore, the shop cannot make any guarantees that the sectional pieces will be able to be transposed outside their original order.

Custom Order for Obaroene

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