Choose six taped polypro or HDPE hoops and save!


*Excludes reflective hoops, color morph reflective hoops, beginner hoops, unicorn taped hoops, glow in the dark taped hoops, and bare colored hoops.


Choose any 6 taped hoops currently listed in stock in the shop- any diameter, any size! Multiple hoops do NOT need to be the same size or material! Please refer to each individual hoops listing to determine which deco tape colors are currently available.


Hoops include:


  • One push button connection each, allowing the hoops to collapse for easy travel and transport!
  • Flush connections; no pinching gaps! #ConnectionPerfection
  • Continuous tape job secured at the ends with clear protection tape to prevent the tape from unraveling. Please refer to each individual hoops listing to determine which deco tape colors are currently available.
  • Your choice of 3/4", 11/16", 5/8", or 1/2" polypro tubing, or 3/4" or 5/8" HDPE tubing.
  • Diameter: custom. All hoops are measured via outer diameter (OD).
  • Every order includes complimentary shipping insurance in the event your package is lost or damaged during shipping!


What size is a good size for me?


HDPE is easy to handle and offers excellent impact resistance making it the perfect choice for beginners, as well as intermediate/advanced hoopers who need extra durability or like a little bounce in their flow.

Polypro is lighter in volume than other types of tubing, making it responsive and springy, and it's lightning quick response time makes it great for both practicing and performing! Polypro is ideal for intermediate and advanced hoopers and performers.​


  • Sizing for trick and “off body” hoops vary based on personal preference/ability. Larger sizes may hinder the users ability to learn certain "off-body" moves and tricks. The most common hoop sizes range from 25"-34". We recommend 11/16" and 5/8" tubing for trick and "off-body" hoops.


  • Beginner and “on body” hoops should be larger, allowing the user more space within the hoop to move and dance. The most common hoops sizes range from 31”-35”. We highly reccomend 3/4" and 11/16" tubing for beginner and  "on body" hoops.

Buy 6 TAPED hoops and Save!