Looking for a budget hoop that won't break the bank? Look no further! Get a natural (clear) Polypro or natural (white) HDPE hoop with your choice 1 or 2 colors of 1/2" grip tape spiraled around the hoop! 

Hoop will include:


  • One push button connection, allowing the hoop to collapse for easy travel and transport!
  • Flush connection; no pinching gaps!
  • 3/4", 11/16", 5/8", or 1/2" natural polypro tubing, or 3/4" or 5/8" natural HDPE tubing
  • Diameter: custom!  All hoops are measured by Outer Diameter (OD).
  • Your choice of 1 or 2 colors of grip tape!
  • All packages include complementary insurance in the event of loss or damage during shipping!

Check out our grip tape color choices here:


Please include your grip tape color choice(s) in the notes at checkout! If no note is left, the shop will choose the colors for you! Refunds and returns will not be accepted based on disapproval of color choices if the color choices are not specified by the customer.

Happy Hooping!

BUDGET Natural Polypro/HDPE Hoop with 1/2" Grip Tape

  • Polypro is lighter in volume than other types of tubing, making it responsive and springy- and it's lightning quick response time makes it great for both practicing and performing!


    Polypro is ideal for intermediate and advanced hoopers and performers.

    An average size bare Polypro hoop weighs approximately 4-6oz.

    Polypro is durable, but does not tolerate cold temperatures well and can crack when used at temperatures below 50 degrees F. It is more prone to cracking and shattering than other types of tubing.

  • HDPE tubing (high density polyethylene) is naturally opaque and milky white in color. It can be manufactured in many different sizes, as well as hundreds of different colors! It's denser and more flexible than other types of tubing and while it can be kinked, HDPE is resistant to cracking and shattering and absorbs impact well. HDPE is ideal for beginner hoopers and kids, and is an overall great choice for any hooper! 

    An average size bare HDPE hoop weighs approximately 5-7oz.

    HDPE is highly durable and does not crack or shatter like other tubing materials in extreme temperatures. It can 'soften' slightly in warm weather but it is ideal for cold weather/cold climate hooping as it can be used in temperatures well below 0° F.